Setting goals.

While I work on the letter to myself, I want to talk more about goals. I like to keep my goals to S.M.A.R.T. goals. I learned it in business school, although I’ll admit that I pretty much just use the SMA part. So let’s go ahead and use my initials… M.A.S. Goals.

  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Specific

Measurable: Your goal should be something that is quantitative somehow. Rather than saying you’ll write every day, for example, you might say that you’ll write for 30 minutes every day, or that you’ll write 2500 words every week.

Attainable: Be reasonable! If you’re really busy, set your sights smaller at first. Goals can be changed, or you can bump up your goal once you finish your first one! Wishing that you could read 10 books in a week is great, but wishing won’t give you more hours in the day.

Serious: This one I used to call Specific, but that is pretty vague and if I’m making it my initials, let’s jazz it up. By Serious I don’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun, but that your goal should be leading somewhere, should be important to your final project or to your life. Rather than saying that you’ll work on writing, make it clear that you’re working on Your Book’s Nth Draft.

The T in SMART, like all of the letters, really can represent many things. I used it to mean Timed or something similar. If you don’t have an end date or a set time for your goal, you won’t know when you’ve accomplished it or not. Timed is a silly word, but you should definitely get into the habit of setting your goals this way, just think of this as part of Series.

My new M.A.S. Goal:

I will work on posts for my other website for 30 minutes every day for the next four weeks, so that I have three drafts ready in advance. I mean it this time! 😉


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