A letter to you.

I was reading some other wonderful blogs recently. I like to follow other writers of course, so many of those blogs consist of updates on works of fiction or about the writing process or setbacks they may have recently encountered. I saw quite a few posts though, where fiction writers wrote a letter to the protagonist of their work in progress (WIP, as many people say). I believe that it started with this post by M. A. Ryan, which then inspired many others, including myself.

I’m not a fiction writer, not usually anyway, so I thought I’d switch up this idea for myself. Rather than write to my protagonist, I thought I’d write a letter to the version of myself who finished my current project.

Why? I’m worried she won’t remember all the work it took to get where she is. I’m worried that she won’t be happy with the accomplishment. I’m worried she’ll forget me.

She won’t. I know that she won’t because she’s me. But a letter isn’t always about the recipient. It’s about getting those feelings down on paper. Putting your worries onto something you can fold and mail away, to a you that already knows how it ends.



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