One hundred per-census.

The importance of being counted, of even being considered, can sometimes be an overwhelming prospect.

You can walk into a bookstore and marvel at the non-diversity in authors in most sections, for example. You can consider that to get to this particular bookstore, they’ve had to get through rounds of buyers. You can consider that they could afford a marketing strategy because they were published. Or just that they were published, and therefore noticed by a publisher. Among thousands of submissions, you do have to be noticed. Is it luck? You can also consider that to finish a book in the first place, you need the luxury of time, the privilege of education, the experience of reading other great works.

Or you can take all of those thoughts and fight them. Find some moments of peace in which to write. Read your favorite works in line at the store, while you ride the bus, during lunch. Carry a pen around, always. Don’t listen to the doubts, just know that there’s always a way, and that things change through each of us.


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