Mentor may I?

I think that probably everyone has someone to look up to. I think many of us also have mentors. At its most basic, it’s always helpful to add another perspective to your work. To know how someone else experiences it, whether its writing, painting, theater, etc., can give you a vantage point that you never expected.

Mentors can give you that push you need. Not permission, but support. You’re the only one who can give yourself permission. If the function of this person in your life is only to tell you to “go ahead” then maybe they’re just a great friend! A mentor should be encouraging you to learn more and seek out new experiences. They should be holding you accountable.

Their support may involve specific advice, or just a general sense of mutual respect and knowing that you have their support, that they believe in you. So if you trust them, really trust them. Listen to them, respect their feedback, follow their recommendations. Most of all, if you need something, know that you can ask for help.


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