About half as good.

The title of this blog is something that I said a long time ago. Friends and I were sharing drawings with each other. One friend drew little scribbly comics that I thought were adorable. I didn’t think I could do it too, though. I told my friends that if I had tried it would come out “about half as good.”

It became a running joke among my friends. What would about half as good even mean? From a stick figure? They tried an attempt and sent me abouthalfasgood.jpg, which I no longer have, unfortunately.

I was wrong, of course. It would just come out differently. Good and bad is subjective and I can draw now, just as I always could, by putting pencil to paper. I also finally listened to advice such as “practice” and “no really I keep telling you to practice.” I am not great yet! But that part doesn’t matter yet. I practice, I like practicing, and it’s fun to see my (slight) improvement.

I thought that encouraging my friend to write daily, something I already do, might have more of an impact if I practice something along with her. If I can show these tiny drawings and say: here’s my best try, here’s my effort, really… Well then maybe we’ll both be more comfortable sharing as beginners. We’re all beginners at something, anyway.


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