Taco night.

Today I replicated a meal that I cooked a few years ago and really loved. It was tacos! But with a delicious recipe, and this time I had much more fun preparing them along with my friends and roommates. They helped me shop for the ingredients, gather them at prep time, cook the meat and... Continue Reading →


When I was very young and had a lot of nightmares all the time, my dad said he'd help me out. I was very familiar with my dad's help at the time. Through the lens of a kid, he took my fevers away with his bare hands, made my stomach feel better with homeopathic drops,... Continue Reading →

Counting my words.

There's something great about seeing all my recent writing in one place, seeing it all at once, the bulk of my work. I started using My Writing Spot to write my Nanowrimo posts for my other site. I recommend it! Usually I write in a notepad app that I have, in our site's drafts, in... Continue Reading →

Okay so I've never been a big fan of Nanowrimo for a variety of reasons. But as an encouragement to write more and consistently, it's great! So I'm going to be doing Nanowrimo this year in my own way. Each day of November I'll be doing the following: Posting on this writing blog Writing a... Continue Reading →

Setting goals.

While I work on the letter to myself, I want to talk more about goals. I like to keep my goals to S.M.A.R.T. goals. I learned it in business school, although I'll admit that I pretty much just use the SMA part. So let's go ahead and use my initials... M.A.S. Goals. Measurable Attainable Specific... Continue Reading →

A letter to you.

I was reading some other wonderful blogs recently. I like to follow other writers of course, so many of those blogs consist of updates on works of fiction or about the writing process or setbacks they may have recently encountered. I saw quite a few posts though, where fiction writers wrote a letter to the... Continue Reading →

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